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Sun Bears - General Description

Sun Bears got their name due to the yellow crescent on their chest, which resembles the sun. However, these animals have other names in other countries. Because of the animal's fondness for honey, they are sometimes called honey bears. "Malay bear" is another common name for Sun Bears.

 Sun Bears - Pictures
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American Bear Association
Sun bears are the smallest among bear species. A wild sun bear tends to weigh about one hundred pounds. These bears are black. Not all the animals have a yellow crescent on the chest. The hair of Sun Bears is short, and dense. The coat of the Sun Bear is well adapted to shedding rain, and mud.

Males are 20 percent larger than the females. Sun bears have small, rounded ears, which are set low on their heads. Their characteristic feature is an extremely long tongue. This tongue helps them eat termites and other insects. The tail of Sun Bears is short and stubby. The eyes are small.

Sun Bears - General Description - Scientific Name:

Elarctos malayanus

Sun Bears - Habitat

Sun bears inhabit dense lowland tropical forests. They are excellent climbers, and spend much time in the trees. The species ranges from northern Burma and Bangladesh, south and east across Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. The habitat of Sun Bears is declining due to human impact.

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